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May 2022 - Present

An iOS app that creates recommendations for nearby coffee shops based on a user's preferred amenities.

As Lead Designer, I focused on iconography, logos, and user mock-ups.

This project is currently in the process of conducting prototype usability testing to validate its functionality and user flow.

Cuppa Cafe Cover(1).png

New England Metabolic Consortium

April 2021 - Present

A professional community dedicated to treating and creating informational materials to treat patients with metabolic and inborn errors of metabolism.

As Lead Designer, I focused on re-evaluating user flow, refurbishing the base user interface, graphics, and cohesive branding.

New England Consortium Mockup.png


March 2021 - Aug 2021

An educational non-profit connecting k-12 students with college mentors during to Covid-19 Pandemic.

As UX Designer, I focused on usability issues, additional features, and cohesive branding.

CovEd MockUp.png


January 2020 - May 2020

A platform bringing volunteers and non-profit organizations who need help together.

Designed by me and three other classmates for our human computer interaction course. This project focuses on the design, testing, and iteration process while keeping in mind our groups limits and strong points.

Sharity Mockup
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