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About Me

I'm Sohara, a Boston based UX/Product Designer with experience in ed-tech, healthcare, immigration, and philanthropy. I am passionate about accessible designs, education, gaming, social good, and their cross-sections.

I enjoy doing many things at the same time including design, art, illustrating, climbing, and reading!

Currently reading: The Witcher: The Last Wish

Currently playing: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
Sohara Zafar.jpg

💫 Experience

I’m a Product/UX Designer on contract at a philanthropy org creating new and exciting products within their education and immigration verticals.

In the past, I've designed within the education, healthcare, and art industries.

🖌 Art Projects

★ I create art and designs for community spaces, local businesses, and people.

★ One of my favorite pieces was a drawing of someone's two dogs together. The dogs were never able to be in the same room because they would often fight. I created an art piece with the two dogs together in the same room, and seeing the finished piece brought tears of joy to the person who commissioned me.

★ For fun, my current love and joy is learning about game design, and I am creating a game within Unity.

★ I've been learning anything and everything about fonts!

★ I also design my own line of merchandise and table at markets through my art business, SoharaDraws.

🎓 Education

I have my Bachelor's Degree in Cognitive Brain Science and minors in Studio Art and Art History from Tufts University.

🎈 Fun Facts

★ In another life I was a neuroscientist studying neurodevelopmental disorders in children, a librarian, or a marine biologist studying jellyfish.

★ I love indoor and outdoor rock climbing and have been passionate about it for over seven years.

★ I will be spectating the 2024 Paris Olympics, specifically the Women's Soccer Gold match and Women's Lead Climbing Semifinals!

★ One of my favorite past-times is creating communities and connecting people to one another including creating book clubs, board game clubs, climbing chats, etc.

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