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Other Projects

Web Design

Nerdling Science is an organization created by high school biology teacher Heidi Tarr which creates educational materials for AP environmental science and AP biology in the form of videos, podcasts, and NMSI content.


I designed this logo for Nerdling Science along with redesigning their website, where I used visual symbols to embody the characteristic of this organization

Micropipette: a material most often found and used throughout biology classes 

Droplets within dna strand: water and scientific research in action

Color scheme of blue and darker blue - reminiscent of water and the ocean - both important in biology, environmental science, and in Heidi Tarr’s personal branding

Bella's Library Transparent.png
Bella's Library Inside Text.png
Bella's Library.png

Bella's Library is an organization in honor of Bella. Their mission is to help children and their families as they navigate through the medical system. From charity events to creating informational coloring books, they aid children on their own journeys big and small.

I designed this logo for Bella's Library, where visual symbols of warmth and harmony are emphasized

Guardian Figures: Showcase support and hug child. They carry the book and help how they can

Font: Whimsical and reminiscent of children's handwriting

Color scheme of orange, teal, and dark blue - high contrasting and bright colors enjoyable by children. Darker colors showcase unity and maturity amongst guardian figures


A local based yogurt shop in the greater Boston area asked for a 9.5 ft by 50 ft mural inside their shop as part of their renovations. I was tasked with creating a minimalist, inviting, and creative design fitting of a yogurt shop.

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