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Logos & Branding

Kid Quizine is a New York based musician.


I designed this logo for Kid Quizine where I used visual symbols to embody the characteristics of this musician.

Font and stars: to encapsulate the whimsical, fun, and nostalgic for the 90s skateboarding era

Color pallete: reminiscent of the nostalgia of the 90s and microwavable foods as his name is an homage to

Nerdling Science is an organization created by high school biology teacher Heidi Tarr which creates educational materials for AP environmental science and AP biology in the form of videos, podcasts, and NMSI content.


I designed this logo for Nerdling Science along with redesigning their website, showcasing who she and this brand stand for.

Micropipette: a material most often found and used throughout biology classes 

Droplets within dna strand: water and scientific research in action

Color scheme of blue and darker blue - reminiscent of water and the ocean - both important in biology, environmental science, and in Heidi Tarr’s personal branding


Created an informational overview for a B2B data analytics company showcased to clients and stakeholders.

Created branding stickers and logos for a local cake pop shop.

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