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Re-imagining coffee runs with your purpose in mind

Cuppa Cafe Cover(1).png


CuppaCafe is an iOS project born out of discussions I had with a friend during my travels. Our aim was to find coffee shops that met specific needs; however, we faced challenges in verifying their availability.

With CuppaCafe, users can tailor their search for coffee shops based on their preferences and priorities, whether it be for air conditioning, food restrictions, reliable WiFi, or understanding the general atmosphere of the space. By showcasing specific amenities as wanted or unwanted, the app provides users with a clear idea of what to expect before stepping foot into the coffee shop.

7 interviews with individuals who frequent coffee shops to varying degrees and purposes, showcased specific pain-points of coffee shop customers. These interviews heavily informed my design process and gave a stronger understanding of our target audience, essential features to work on, and a basis for an appropriate brand identity. 

The mock-ups shown below represent key features from the MVP, within which I tried to communicate feelings of transparency, professionalism, and understanding.

If you would like to see a video of this prototype, click here.

From the words of someone who often frequents coffee shops:

"You never know until you enter a place and assess the environment as to whether you can work in the space or not. This app would really help understand the atmosphere without having to go in."


Create account phone.png
account .png
amenities clicked phone.png
rooster green 1.png
Rooster menu Phone.png
kings cafe.png
Search .png
Main Explore Phone.png
Favorites page phone.png

Full Screen Mock-ups

Coffee Shop Search Landing Page Entered.png
Kings Cafe See More.png


Icons and graphics that complement the identity and emotions invoked by a product, help create a more cohesive user journey. With CuppaCafe, I hoped to inspire in users a sense of playful curiosity, through the app's functionality as well as its visuals. In the mock-up icons below, you'll find some of the graphical elements I designed from scratch.

Group 94(1).png
Group 1(1).png
Coffee Bean(1).png
Group 58(1).png
Group 91(1).png


When it came to designing the logo, I started with ideas showcasing a visual representation location and imagery related to coffee shops, experimenting from there. The chosen logo ended up being a more blocked and modern font with a darker, coffee color for easier accessibility and branding visibility.

Group 84(3).png
Group 84(1).png
Group 84(4).png
Group 84(5).png
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