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Blank State Design.png




When I joined EVERFI, NEXT, part of our FCN, was in need of updates. One of the initiatives our technical project manager led was to update the NEXT learner and admin experience to be more engaging and versatile.

As part of this initiative, I researched, designed, and updated the NEXT experience including a learner dashboard, learner dashboard widget components, and our existing card and hero space design.



MVP: NEXT Learner Dashboard


Next currently has a concept of a Learner Dashboard, however, that page offers very little to the learner in terms of knowledge and insight into their personal learning journey, and is mostly just a way to see predefined playlists offered by their institution. The lack of personalization makes it easy for the user to remain detached from the learning experience.


Building a true Learner Dashboard with easy access to recommended content, insights, and incentive campaigns that can also help learners keep track of their goals and progress will keep our learners on the platform for longer and with repeat visits.

Incentive Card V1.png

Some final design specs



Design Process

The Learner Dashboard was a multi-step project asking for new platform features such as a recommended content section, widgets, and incentives. With this in mind, I first explored the building blocks created for the learner dashboard, the widget. Then I created mock-ups, keeping in mind the need for widgets to be versatile cross-platform. This was a large scale multi-month project. Specs shown are final designs after multiple iterations.

Success Criteria:

  • We’ll see 5% increased user registration and return visits.

  • We will see a 5% increase activity starts with the introduction of the learner dashboard.


NEXT Learner Dashboard MVP with widgets

Playlist Cards

Goal: Continue visual continuity across platform (from incentives used on playlist card, further image support alignment.

With Incentive

Landing Page

Without Incentive

Playlist Page

Original playlist cards

Landing Page

Spacing & Styling

No Image/ Mobile

Playlist Page

Long Description Text

Updated playlist cards


Original playlist cards contained non-standard components, incentives on the top left, uses branding colors for the incentive message, uses a "gifting" icon, and differing fonts for the landing and playlist page.

Incentive Widget

Goal: Showcase incentives available to the user on future learner dashboard. This must include variants if there are 1,2, or 3 active incentives, if the learner has not started, made some progress, or already finished the playlist for the incentive.

Incentive Card V1.png

Incentive Card (V1)

Horizontal Incentive Widget.png

Horizontal Widget Cards for 1,2, 3, or More Active Incentives

Incentive Widget Vertical.png

Vertical Widget Cards for 1,2, 3, or More Active Incentives

Mobile Hero Space

Continue visual continuity across platform (from incentives section in hero space) and align hero space with all components both in desktop and mobile.

mobile hero spec.png

With Incentive

Initial State

w I no Im.png

With Incentive & Image

w I w I.png

Checking Completion

Mobile Hero w I n Im Checking Completion.png
Mobile Hero w I w Im checking completion.png


Mobile Hero w I wo Im Completed.png
mobile hero w I w Im completed.png

Recommendation Widget


Recommendation V1.png

Recommended Card (V1)

Recommended Horizontal.png

Horizontal Widget Cards for 1,2, 3 Recommendations or Blank State

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